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BEP Single Sensor Gas Detector (113121)

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BEP Single Sensor Gas Detector (113121)

BEP Single Sensor Gas Detector (113121)
Online Price: $325.00 (including 10 % GST tax)
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BEP Single Sensor Gas Detector (113121) - Australia's Best Price on BEP Single Sensor Gas Detector (113121)
BEP Contour Matrix Gas Detector:
These gas detectors have the capability to control two sensors which detect both LPG and petrol, with visual and audible alarms. Features include test switch to check operation of sensors as well as outputs for external audible alarm and bilge blower operation. Units are supplied standard with one sensor with five metre lead.

The 113122 detector also has an LPG shut off feature that shuts off gas supply when in alarm mode. An on/off button is also incorporated to control gas supply remotely. This is achieved through a pulse and hold output that is connected to the 113137 (12V) or 113138 (24V) LPG shut off solenoid (sold separately). The pulse and hold circuitry incorporated in the 113122 detector pulls the valve in at 12 volts and then once energised will step down the voltage to hold the valve in place. This reduces power consumption and heat generation while the gas is on.
  • Use 113137 LPG shut off for 12 volt installations.
  • Use 113138 LPG shut off for 24 volt installations.
• 10-32 volt operation
• 350mA current draw with two sensors
• 20% Lower Explosive Limit sensitivity
• 800mA max power output
• 700mA pulse, 250mA hold solenoid output
• 88 x 66mm base, 17mm depth, 4mm roundhead mount screws

* Note: Gas sensor to be kept dry at all times.