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Simrad LSS-2 Structure Scan HD Sounder / Fishfinder with TransomMount Transducer (000-10800-001)

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Simrad-Lowrance LSS-2 Structure Scan HD Sounder / Fishfinder with TransomMount Transducer (000-10800-001)

Simrad LSS-2 Structure Scan HD Sounder / Fishfinder with TransomMount Transducer (000-10800-001)
Online Price: $700.00 (including 10 % GST tax)
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Simrad / Lowrance LSS-2 Structure Scan HD Fishfinder / Sounder with TransomMount Transducer (000-10800-001)

Australian Best Marine price on the Simrad / Lowrance LSS-2 Structure Scan HD Fishfinder / Sounder with TransomMount Transducer (000-10800-001)


Here it is - Simrad / Lowrance LSS2 Structure Scan for the best imaging and fish-finding potential you could imagine.  Whether you are scanning the rivers and estuaries for that monster in the snags, or trolling out wide and looking for those schools of bait, Simrad LSS2 side and down scan imaging will help you find it.

Improve Your View – The Next Generation Of Best-In-Class Sonar Imaging.

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  • More range, greater definition
  • Three, dedicated transducer signals for best-in-class views -- left, right and directly beneath your boat
  • Spend half the time finding areas.
  • Share Simrad LSS2 StructureScan® HD images with up to three Simrad displays

Working with Simrad multifunction displays - the new LSS2 StructureScan® HD sonar imaging system delivers greater resolution and wider range for enhanced underwater images.

The original Simrad LSS1 StructureScan® Sonar Imaging revolutionized structure- and fish-finding - by providing anglers and boaters with three-dedicated transducer signals for crisp, clear views to the left, right and directly beneath the boat.

Expand Your View – Wider SideScan Range

Crisp side-viewing detail takes you farther – with up to 600 ft/183 m of higher-resolution side-to-side coverage.

Sharpen Your View – Greater Resolution

Produces a higher level of definition straight down, with exclusive LSS2 DownScan Imaging™ technology.

Enhancing StructureMap™ With HDS Gen2

The improved range of LSS2 StructureScan® HD is a huge advancement for StructureMap™, because now you spend half the time creating a map or searching for structure.


  • Easily networks via Ethernet with up to three displays for sonar imaging and waypoint sharing.
  • Features the dedicated transducer array with the Simrad innovation of down-looking imaging for the clearest, truest picture possible.
  • Plug-and-play performance processing module delivers the most horsepower in fishfinding imaging.
  • Works separately and in tandem with the built-in Broadband Sounder™ of Simrad displays and existing transducers.
  • Offers the exclusive TrackBack™ feature for simultaneous scroll-back of sonar and chartplotter "history" to set waypoints, and share them across the network
  • Multiple choices in imaging transducer mounting locations.

System Components

Fully-waterproof, plug-and-play processor module

The LSS2 StructureScan® HD fully-waterproof module connects to a 10-17 VDC power supply, and via simple plug-and-play Ethernet cables, networks with up to three Simrad displays for sonar imaging viewing with independent control. Or, easily network with other Simrad add-on options, such as Simrad Broadband Radar™ or LWX-1 Sirius® satellite weather and radio antenna.

New, enhanced imaging transducer.

StructureScan HD Mount Diagram
Low profile, low-drag design with built-in water temp sensor, made for multiple mounting locations – transom, transom step or jackplate. For transoms, there's a stainless-steel mounting bracket with a kick-up feature for water hazard strikes. Damage the bracket, and you simply replace it (not the entire transducer) inexpensively.

With an estimated availability date of June 2012, LSS2 StructureScan® HD thru-hull transducer options include two designs in plastic or bronze -- including a dual thru-hull transducer kit for boats with high deadrise hulls.

Simrad LSS2 StructureScan® HD is compatible for networking, viewing and independent control with all HDS® Gen2 and HDS® multifunction displays, as well as the Simrad NSS, NSE, NSO and the B&G Zeus multifunction displays.


Improve Your View – The Next Generation Of Best-In-Class Sonar Imaging.


Sonar Frequency Enhanced 455 kHz and 800 kHz
Sonar Output Power Max WRMS: 500W, Peak-to-Peak: 4000W W


Connectors Ethernet


Weight 1.8 lbs 0.816 kg


Power Supply 12V (Voltage input: 10V - 17V) vDC
Power Consumption Max: .75A, Typical: .60A, Inrush: 4.7A pk


Cable 20 feet (6m) to Transducer
Other Features

Sidescan Imaging:
Max Range: 600ft/183m side-to-side
Max Speed -

Track bottom:  35 mph/56 kph

Mark objects:  15 mph/ 24 kph

Optimum imaging: 2-8 mph/3-13 kph


Downscan Imaging™:
Max Depth: 300 ft / 92 m
Max Speed -

Track bottom:  55 mph/88 kph

Mark objects:  35 mph/ 56 kph

Optimum imaging: 2-8 mph/3-13 kph