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Lone Star Marine Deep Drop Winch - Electric Fishing Reel (DDW-250/FG Combo)

Lone Star Marine Deep Drop Winch - Electric Fishing Reel (DDW-250/FG Combo)

Lonestar Marine Deep Drop Winch Combo Kit - Electric Fishing Reel - 12/24V Brushless Motor and Variable Speed Control
  • Online Price: $3,649.00 (including 10 % GST tax)

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Australia's Best Price on Lone Star Marine Deep Drop Winch – Electric Fishing Reel (DDW-250/FG Combo)

Brushless Motor Variable Speed Control 

Complete ready to fish or downrig unit, all the customer needs to supply is line


Lone Star Marine Deep Drop Winch – Electric Fishing Reel (DDW-250/FG Combo)

12/24V Brushless Motor and Variable Speed Control

** New Release Product – Set to be a game changer for the Electric Reel Fishing Community **

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DDW-250/FG Combo Kit Includes – 

  • Complete Deep Drop Winch,
  • Rod Holder Mount,
  • 50 Amp MP Circuit Breaker,
  • Power plug + 5m twin core power lead,
  • 3 battery lugs & heatshrink.
  • Mono Capacity (no spool spacer) 750m x 300lb. 1.8mm.
  • Braid Capacity (with spool spacer) 2000m x 200lb .7mm braid.
  • DDWFG/Boom 
  • LSM/FSheave.
  • Complete ready to fish or downrig unit, all the customer needs to supply is line


New Model features brush less drive, variable speed, line counter, 1 piece frame, wider drag curve plus more….more to be released shortly.

  • 316 Stainless Steel & Marine Grade 6061 T6 Marine Grade Anodised Aluminium Construction
  • Solid 38mm Drive shafts suitable for extended heavy loads
  • Brushless Variable Speed control *New for 2019
  • Italian Made Transmissions
  • Specialised for Deep Drop Fishing & Heavy Down-rigging
  • Line Counter *New for 2019
  • Changeable throat depth on spool for Mono or Braided lines *New for 2019
  • Up to 110m (375ft) per minute retrieval speed
  • Very high efficiency, as little as 10 amps under light load

















Design Details:

1. Brushless Motors have replaced the previous brushed motors. There was nothing wrong with them but to be honest they were unnecessarily powerful all the time, and once we decided to add in our next feature it just made more sense to go brushless.

2. Variable speed. A true HD variable speed drive for an 800w brushed motor is quite expensive, they actually cost more than a brush less controller in that size, although the brush less motors cost considerably more. So when we decided to add variable speed it all made sense to change the motor. This will also reduce power consumption to use only what you need when you need it and reduces heat for those long duty cycles. This unit is only drawing 9 amps under light load and 20 amps under a standard load!

3. Single piece mainframe has replaced the 2 piece frame.

4. Larger, thinner spool with adjustable internal diameter-used in conjunction with the variable speed drive will give you an option for line retrieval up to 110m per minute when desired in 12v & 200m per minute in 24v! Yes the same unit can be used on either 12 or 24v! If also gives the owner the option to use either mono or braid, but with the braid spool insert you will not have to fill the spool with a great deal of mono backing in order to keep the spool diameter large.

5. New Drag-we have gone to a star drag as we had some customers finding the lever drag difficult to "tune" for their applications. The new star drag actually works better as all pressures are now isolated on the main shaft, where the previous at high drag pressure put a little load on the drive. Drag is now achieved through a 2 tier cork compression ring.

6. Digital Line Counter-Not a necessity in deep drop fishing, but they are handy to have and essential for those wanting to use this product as a down rigger. These are programmable to any value the operator likes, feet, meters, fathoms, ect.

Sleeker design. The drive side and all electronics are encapsulated under a single fascia, with all electronic panels and switches recessed along the outside.

2 Boom options, e glass or stainless steel.

Australian Customers-The DDW still has a handle which can be added on in a few seconds to allow for legal fishing in all AU states except nanny state Victoria.  We are attempting to get a clear answer from Fisheries Victoria for the legality of this unit, as at the moment it is in a grey area. Still waiting on this...

The DDW-250 is for fishing/downrigging applications only. The GXC has been discontinued. We are are no longer making a "combo unit' solution and have instead decided to make more made for purpose products in this area. This is the first of several new products scheduled along this line, expect to see a larger "Green Machine" long lining unit and all New Pot Hauler model available later this year.