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Can I Drive with the Explorer Antenna Mounted?

Can I Drive with the Explorer Antenna Mounted?

Our answer to this one is generally a big ‘No’. The antenna was not designed to be subjected to wind speeds of up to a 100 kilometres per hour for extended periods of time. The C3 antenna in particular with its telescopic elements would not be suitable for these wind speeds. All antennas are designed for wind gust loads of course but that is different from a prolonged exposure that driving would cause. 

  The only exception to this is when the antenna can be lowered into the lee of the caravan bulk itself to be protected from the airflow. This has been done successfully. Such a case is when the mount is on the back of the motor home or van and the antenna is lowered down behind the caravan to be protected by the caravan itself.

  Also when the antenna is lowered between the rear of the car and the front of the van and turned sideways so that the airflow hits the ends of the telescopic elements the unit can be protected from the airflow. In short while we cannot recommend this as standard practice it has been done successfully with common sense precautions and an installation that allows the antenna to be lowered into an area of protection.

  While driving there can also be other obstructions for the antenna besides wind currents. There are also things like low overhanging tree branches, low bridges, low power cables etc. which could potentially damage the antenna. Also a sudden jolt or braking of the van could dislodge the antenna from its mount and throw it to the ground where it can be badly damaged beyond repair. Strange as it may sound we have had an Explorer antenna sent in for repair which had been thrown to the ground and then run over by the van and crushed and badly mangled. We have also heard of cases where the antenna has been stolen from the top of the van when it has been left on its mount.

  So it is a good idea to always store the antenna away in its protective box while driving or when not in use. The few minutes it takes to store it away could save you many hours of grief and expensive repair costs.

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