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How Should I Store my Antenna System When I am Not Travelling?

How Should I Store my Antenna System When I am Not Travelling?

Firstly the telescopic elements can and should be regularly cleaned and protected with a light spray of WD40.

You do this by:

  • Extend the arms.
  • Using methylated spirits and a worn Scotch brite from the kitchen clean the elements from the root out to the Tip. This usually removes all salt deposits rapidly and effectively. Allow to dry.
  • Spray the elements with WD40 or spray a rag or paper towel and wipe the elements from the root out to the tip.
  • Fold in the telescopic elements.

Simply store the antenna away in a protective box (the original antenna box is ideal for storage) making sure of the following:

  • That the antenna and antenna components are dry.
  • That the cables are not wound too tight or kinked.
  • That the weather stopper is fitted to the outside of the connection kit – this must be done every time you disconnect the antenna to insure continued high performance. If you allow moisture into the outside of the connection kit and any corrosion forms then high frequency performance will be highly compromised. For this reason the weather stopper is provided and must be fitted.
  • Spray the U-Bolt, V-Block and wing nuts of the vertical mount if needed with WD40 and pack in the box.
  • Store closed box in the van or in some dry protected area.

If you have a mast and mounting then it is advised to also corrosion protect the threaded bolts and nuts used in these with a spray of WD40. If excessive corrosion is noted due to long exposure to salt water or salt air then you can order replacement parts from us. This way you will be ready for your next trip without any hassles.

If your antenna is getting a bit too old then the performance may start to deteriorate and the unit will need repair/service. You can send your antenna system to ‘explorer RV reception systems’ to have this done to return your unit to its original working condition.

Old cables can be very deceptive as they may appear to be fine and yet drop the signal strength by more than 20 db and we have seen as much as 30db drops. And of course caravan antenna cables unlike in a house are constantly wound up and put away, stepped on etc.  So replacing the cable every so often especially if it appears kinked or corroded or damaged is very important.

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