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BEP Touch 5" CZone - Sleek Compact Touch Screen with Wifi and IPX7 Waterproofing 112800 (911-0124)

BEP Touch 5" CZone - Sleek Compact Touch Screen with Wifi and IPX7 Waterproofing 112800 (911-0124)

BEP CZone Touch 5 - Digital Control 5" Touch Screen - Designed for Marine, Caravans and RV's
  • Online Price: $1,876.00 (including 10 % GST tax)

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Australia's Best Price on BEP CZone Touch 5" Screen (911-0124)

Waterproof IPX7 for On-Screen Controls of all your vessels systems through CZone system

Digital Control and Monitoring Designed for Marine, Caravans and RV's


BEP CZone Touch 5 Compact Touch Screen with Built in Wifi 112800 (911-0124)

 Waterproof IPX7 rating for On-Screen Control of your CZone system

Digital Control and Monitoring Designed for Marine, Caravans and RV's

The sleek new Touch 5 adds a compact touch screen option to your CZone installation. While offering many of the same features as it's bigger brother the Touch 10, this new display module adds Wifi connectivity as well as the higher specification IPX7 waterproofing. With a super bright widescreen display and the latest capacitive touchscreen technology, this compact unit is perfect for a flybridge or exposed helm position. It also suits smaller vessels where space is at a premium or on larger vessels as a secondary display in an owner's cabin or engine room.

  • Easy to use touch interface
  • Glass dash styling
  • Super bright widescreen display
  • Low profile flush mounting
  • IPX7 water ingress protection
  • Built-in WiFi connectivity
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • NMEA 2000 compatible
  • Great product

Built-in WiFi connectivity brings your CZone system into the wireless dimension, allowing full control of system functions

– from Mode Selection, System Monitoring and individual Circuit Control – straight to your fingertips, no matter where onboard you are.


CZone Advantage

High Current and Low Current Outputs - Digital and Analogue Inputs - Optional Plug and Play (Deutsch)

Builders and installers recognize an immediate benefit with reductions in cable usage, harness weights and installation times. The CZone™ system also integrates many stand alone components into one intuitive system. Wiring is dramatically simplified, because the CZone™ system is designed to remove complex switching clusters and wiring runs. Integrated diagnostics ensures fault finding is simple. The CZone™ system is the digital networking system that is both cost-effective and scalable. Modules can easily be added into the system to best suit the builder's and end-users’ needs.

Traditional Electrical DC Wiring
Wiring DC systems can be complex and installation time can be extensive. The larger the system, the more wire is required, which creates weight and space concerns, not to mention increased cost and complexity of design and manufacturing. Basic maintenance and trouble shooting of traditional wiring systems can be difficult to manage.

  • Switch panels use valuable console space
  • Switch panel wiring is complicated and extremely labor intensive to install
  • Cable runs are long and have multiple conductors. Switching of common circuits is complex
  • Long wire runs require larger cable, adding weight, increasing cost and reducing space

Integration - The CZone™ system is NMEA 2000 certified and uses the standard Micro cables and connectors. Being NMEA 2000 certified you can have trust in the network. This also allows a single network backbone to be installed for multiple systems (CZone™ and other NMEA 2000 devices). Additionally, the CZone™ system can share certain monitoring functions with other NMEA 2000 compliant screens.

DC Wiring
The CZone™ system decentralizes the DC power distribution system, locates circuit control and protection modules closer to loads to shorten cable runs and reduce the size of conductors, significantly decreasing the cost and weight of the electrical wiring harness. The system replaces complex wiring with a single data wire.

  • Complex switch panel wiring removed, replaced with single data cable connection
  • The grouping of multiple loads into common areas (Zones) with Output Interfaces is the key to the system
  • Heavy-duty battery mains cable, replaced by multiple smaller conductors